A product development lab with a cheeky twist

From the minds of a few smartass lab coats and the cocktail shakers of a couple of health-sensitive mixologists comes a line of low-calorie hard seltzers, each with its own uniquely cheeky twist.

  • Low-calorie HARD seltzers
  • Dressed up with a uniquely CHEEKY twist

Cheeky’s first product range was created with the health-conscious but fun-loving consumer in mind. The refreshing Skinny B is produced from premium vodka, 100% fresh lime juice and soda; while the Skinny M, is a delightful mix of premium tequila, 100% fresh lime juice and soda. Both are perfect for lots of fun without worrying about the calories.

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    Contact number: 021 510 7970
    For direct enquiries please contact info@cheekyrtd.com.